Multi-Strategy Models

We believe it is critical in the time we live in to take an active, data-driven approach to investing. The traditional “buy-and-hold” strategy is far more risky than most individuals realize. When the US market peaked in 1929, it did not reclaim that peak until 1954. So, yes, the market did come back, but most people cannot afford to wait 25 years for a market recovery. Likewise, Japan’s stock market peaked in the late 1980s and still today far below that all-time high. For that reason, relying on an idea that ‘the market always comes back’, is a risky approach. At Auxan, we utilize multiple levels of diversification. We use ETFs to diversify across many companies, we use Asset Allocation to diversify across different asset classes, and we even diversify our strategies by developing our own actively managed, data-driven models so that our performance is less dependent on any single investment philosophy.

Model Portfolios

Systems Aggressive Growth Balanced Moderate Conservative
Global Rotation 28.0% 22.4% 19.6% 16.8% 11.2%
Calendar 24.0% 19.2% 16.8% 14.4% 9.6%
Technical Core 14.0% 11.2% 9.8% 8.4% 5.6%
Sector Rotation 21.0% 16.8% 14.7% 12.6% 8.4%
Discretionary 13.0% 10.4% 9.1% 7.8% 5.2%
Bond Mix 0.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 60.0%