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The Approach of Our Financial Advisors

Our financial advisors help families and businesses in wealth management, retirement planning, social security strategy, 401k plans, IRA Rollovers and much more. There is no minimum to get started, and we do not charge by the hour. So there’s never any fee for meeting or talking with us. Contact Us or Schedule Online to get started.

Our business is an Independent, Fee -Only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.  This means that we have no connections or incentives tied to other companies that might influence the investments we use or advice we give. Because we are not paid commissions, your interests are aligned with our interests, so you can be confident we will always do and advise what is best for you. Also, because we do not charge commissions, when you meet with us, it will truly feel like you’re working with a trusted, expert advisor rather than a salesperson. Every client situation is unique and the decisions we make on managing your wealth will be tailored to meet your needs and goals.

Wealth management Springfield Mo Retirement Planning Social Security

Individuals and Families

401k Rollovers & Advice
Retirement Planning
Social Security Strategy
Savings & Investments
LTC & Life Insurance
Personal Finance

Wealth management Springfield Mo Auxan Capital Advisors Pension Lump Sum

Wealth Management

Lump Sum Management
– Settlement
– Inheritance
– Insurance Payout
– Sale of Property/Business
– Pension Payout
Advanced Strategies
Indexed Annuities
Early Retirement

Financial Advisor Springfield Mo IRA 401k

Employers & Institutions

Employer Plans
– 401k, 403b
Managed Portfolios
– Corporate accounts
– Endowments & Foundations
Business Planning

Derek Schmidly
Derek SchmidlyChief Investment Officer
Paul Ebisch
Paul EbischPresident & Founder
Dwight Fay
Dwight FayAdvisor
Timothy L. Baker
Timothy L. BakerAdvisor, SmartVestor Pro
Jeff Reeb
Jeff ReebAdvisor
 Dan Eschman
Dan EschmanAdvisor

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